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 The drive hosts all past meeting minutes, summaries, notes, and member lists 
**Click on workgroup pictures to access our google drive** 

The FLMMHC has created workgroups so that any stakeholder or interested party can join to tackle issues within perinatal mental health. Work groups are designed as focused collectives that address then four major areas in Perinatal Mental Health: Awareness, Clinical Practice, Policy, and Research.

Workgroups meet quarterly and betwixt as needed.

All are welcome.

Upcoming & Recurring Workgroup Meetings


QUARTERLY Workgroup Meetings

Q1 February 24th 11:00a-12:00p EST

Q2 June 30th 11:00a-12:00p EST

Q3 September 15th 11:00a-12:00p EST

Q4 Date/time TBD

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 Awareness Workgroup Meeting

First Tuesday of the Month @12:00p EST

View Awareness Workgroup Minutes

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 (View Agenda for password)

 Clinical Practice Workgroup Meeting

Fourth Friday of the Month @11:00a EST

View Clinical Practice Workgroup Minutes

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 (View Agenda for password)

 Policy Workgroup Meeting

2nd Friday of each month @3:00p EST

View Policy Workgroup Minutes

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 (View Agenda for password)

 Research Workgroup Meeting

Last Thursday of each month @12:00p EST

View Research Workgroup Minutes

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 (View Agenda for password)

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Amandla Shabaka-Haynes

Dr. Amandla Shabaka-Haynes, M.D. is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. She received her B.S. in Biology/Pre-medicine at Xavier University of Louisiana and completed her medical training at the Latin American School of Medicine. She currently serves as Program Manager for pediatric and perinatal behavioral health programs at the Florida State University College of Medicine Center for Behavioral Health Integration. Dr. Haynes has previously served as board member for Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition; Women's Health Liaison and Outreach Specialist at a local Federally Qualified Health Center. She is also a certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist.

Dr. Haynes is an advocate for the BIPOC birth community, supporting efforts to improve birth outcomes and reduce health inequities. In her volunteer roles, she serves as chair of the Awareness Workgroup of the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, Advisor for the Sister Friends Tallahassee Birthing Project, and Women’s Health Educator for the Melanin Mothers Meet Postpartum Support Program. At her core, Dr. Haynes is a mother, mentor, an active local and international community member, a bilingual health educator, and a lover of food and culture.

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