Get help.

Mental illness is the leading health complication during pregnancy and after delivery affecting approximately 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men in Florida each year.


But very few receive the support and care they need, due in part to lack of access to well-trained providers.  

Specialized resources

The resources listed below with a (+) are specific to perinatal mental health.  Not all mental health providers are trained in perinatal mental health.  Feedback from parents and ongoing research tells us that having a provider who has additional training in perinatal mental health is a strong predictor of better outcomes and faster recovery.

Phone support lines

Postpartum Support Int'l Warmline: 800-944-4773
Florida Family Health Line: (800) 451-2229
CRISIS LIFELINE: (800) 273-8255
SUICIDE HOTLINE: (800) 784-2433
Other resources in Florida

The FL BH IMPACT project - a separate entity from the FLMMHC, is operated by the Florida Department of Health and Florida State University College of Medicine.  

It is a federally funded grant program designed to operate a perinatal psychiatric hotline, where medical providers can call and access best practice consultation.

A grant awarded in 2019 by Sage Therapeutics to Dr. Heather Flynn/ the FSU College of Medicine has a purpose of creating a database of mental health providers in Florida for perinatal families to access.

Florida families and health providers can access the websites for the resource list and further information by clicking on the link below to search for services that align with healthcare desires, preferred payment type, and geographic location.