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Goals and Achievements 

The Policy Workgroup promotes and develops maternal and child health policy initiatives. Members advocate for local and state legislation that will advance health equity and improve health outcomes


Recent workgroup presentations: 

Workgroup Chair:

Dr. Goldfarb joined the FSU College of Medicine in 2015 as Research Faculty in the Department after graduating from University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health with a Doctorate of Public Health (DrPH) in the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy. Dr. Goldfarb’s degree holds a concentration in Maternal and Child Health Policy, and her research is focused on these issues, particularly as they relate to the life course perspective which holds that there are a complex set of risk (e.g., stress, perceived discrimination) and protective (e.g., education, mental health counseling) factors that impact individuals’ health throughout their life span which must be addressed for optimal prevention of poor health outcomes. She is particularly interested in understanding the impact of state health and drug policies on maternal and perinatal populations. She has assisted in teaching master’s level public health courses related to conducting research, community-based needs assessments, and program evaluations. She has also been involved in several state and federal contracts in both Florida and Alabama aimed at improving population health through surveillance and assessment.

Policy Workgroup Chair: Samantha Goldfarb, DrPH, MPH

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